Experience in Vitigudino

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We present you a perfect plan, in which you can discover an authentic territory such as Vitigudino in Salamanca.

The Municipality of Vitigudino is made up of 56 municipalities, and surrounded by natural spaces.

The main activities that support the area are mainly: agriculture, livestock, and to a lesser extent tourism, encouraged by the culture of festivals such as “Los Corpus” and “Ferias”.

The typical gastronomy of Vitigudino is of high quality, highlighting the Ledesma donuts, the revolconas potatoes, the farinato and the chanfaina.


We present you a unique experience with which you can enjoy nature, culture and gastronomy.

In this experience you can find some of the relics of Romanesque and Gothic art.

The lands and landscapes that surround Vitigudino are of great beauty and some of the hiking trails will allow you to enjoy their surroundings.

Enjoy Vitigudino!


1st Day

  • Arrival in Hinojosa de Duero.
  • Free visit around the municipality, where you will discover the Hermitage of the Holy Christ of Mercy, the Church of San Pedro, and the Monument to the Sacred Heart. In the afternoon we will do the Smugglers Route, which leads us to one of the most impressive viewpoints in Las Arribes, El Mirador de la Peña de la Vela. This route has a distance of 6.4 kilometers with a duration of 2 hours.
  • Lunch at “El Pendolón” restaurant.
  • Dinner at “Marcos” Bar Restaurant.
  • Accommodation at the Posada Real Quinta de la Concepción, in Hinojosa de Duero.

2nd Day

  • Breakfast.
  • Visit to Lumbrales, a municipality located 10.2 kilometers from Hinojosa de Duero, where we will visit the archaeological museum and continue to San Felices de los Gallegos, a municipality located 11.1 kilometers from Lumbrales, where we will visit the oil museum “Lugar del mundo ”And the stonework museum, a theme park in honor of the tradition of the local stonemasons.
  • Lunch at “Apartadero Dos” restaurant in Lumbrales.
  • Dinner at “El Rincón Charro” in Lumbrales.
  • Return to Hinojosa de Duero.
  • Accommodation at the Posada Real Quinta de la Concepción, in Hinojosa de Duero.

3rd Day

  • Breakfast.
  • Transfer to Vitigudino, a municipality located 37.4 kilometers from Hinojosa de Duero, where we will stay. Free visit around the municipality where we can discover the Santo Toribio de Liébana Convent, the Virgen del Socorro Hermitage, Plaza España and the Church of San Nicolás de Bari. Free afternoon.
  • Lunch at “the Mesón La Calleja” restaurant.
  • Dinner at “El Retiro restaurant” in Vitigudino.
  • Accommodation at the Hotel El Cuartón de Inés, in Vitigudino.

4th Day

  • Breakfast.
  • Visit to different towns around. We will begin with a visit to Barruecopardo, a municipality located 21.7 kilometers from Vitigudino, where we will visit the Castillo viewpoint, the mineralogy museum and the Santa María Magdalena parish church.
  • We continue with the visit to Yecla de Yeltes, a municipality located 25 kilometers from Barruecopardo, where we will enjoy some of its monuments, including; Hermitage of Our Lady of the Castle, Hermitage of Santiago Apóstol and Castro de Yecla La Vieja.
  • To finish we will visit Pozos de Hinojo, a municipality located 9.1 kilometers from Yecla de Yeltes.
  • Lunch at “The Vettón” restaurant in Yecla de Yeltes.
  • Return to Vitigudino.
  • Dinner at “Asador Tino” restaurant.
  • Accommodation at the Hotel El Cuartón de Inés, in Vitigudino.

5th Day

  • Breakfast
  • Transfer to Vilvestre, a municipality located 30.2 kilometers from Vitigudino. Free morning. In the afternoon we will visit the “Neolithic Workshop”, which contains cave paintings, being the second most important workshop found in Europe, the Casa de los Frailes Museum-Library, the Luisa Mill, and La Barca.
  • Lunch at “ El Almendro” restaurant.
  • Dinner at “El Rollo” Bar Restaurant.
  • Accommodation at La Judería de las Arribes, in Vilvestre.

6th Day

  • Breakfast.
  • In the morning there will be a hiking route along the Sendero de la Barca. This trail leads travelers along ancient paths to breathtaking views of Las Arribes del Río Duero.
  • Lunch at “La Judería de las Arribes”, in Vilvestre.
  • In the afternoon, we will visit the Zarza de Pumareda, a municipality located 13.3 kilometers from Vilvestre.
  • Dinner at “Mesón el Zebadero”, in Masueco 6.2 kilometers from Zarza de Pumareda.
  • Return to Vilvestre.
  • Accommodation at La Judería de las Arribes, in Vilvestre.

7th Day

  • Breakfast.
  • Visit to Aldeadávila de la Ribera, a municipality located 20 kilometers from Vilvestre. In the morning there will be a hiking route through the most outstanding viewpoints of the municipality such as; Viewpoint of Rupurupay, Rupitín, Del Fraile and Picón de Felipe. To finish we will take a boat trip at the Heart of Arribes jetty.
  • Lunch at “El Paraíso” restaurant, “Tía María” restaurant or “El Portal de las Arribes” restaurant.
  • Return to the city of Origin.

Everything that is included in the program

  • 2 nights in Posada Real Quinta de la Concepción, in Hinojosa de Duero.
  • 2 nights at Hotel El Cuartón de Inés, in Vitigudino.
  • 3 nights at La Judería de las Arribes, in Vilvestre.
  • Specified lunches and dinners.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Activities proposed in the program.


  • Transport


  • 1st Day: Madrid – Hinojosa de Duero: 317 Km
    • Hinojosa – The Peña de la Vela Viewpoint: 6.4 Km
  • 2nd Day: Hinojosa de Duero – Lumbrales: 10.2 Km
  • 3rd Day: Hinojosa de Duero – Vitigudino: 37.4 Km
  • 4th Day: Hinojosa de Duero – Barruecopardo: 21.7 Km
    • Barruecopardo – Yecla de Yeltes: 25Km
    • Yecla de Yeltes – Pozos de Hinojo: 9.1 Km
    • Pozos de Hinojo – Vitigudino: 12 Km
  • 5th Day: Vitigudino – Vilvestre: 30.2 Km
  • 6th Day: Vilvestre – Zarza de Pumareda: 13.3 Km
  • 7th Day: Vilvestre – Aldeadávila de la Ribera: 20 Km
    • Aldeadávila de la Ribera – Madrid: 311 Km

How to get to Hinojosa de Duero?

  • By private car is the fastest option from Madrid – Hinojosa de Duero: 3 hours 33 mins.
  • By train and public bus from Madrid (Chamartín) – Salamanca- Hinojosa de Duero: 5 hours 31 mins.
  • By public bus from Madrid (Moncloa) -Salamanca – Hinojosa de Duero: 4 hours 55 mins.

Price from

647 per person
  • Minimum of 2 people

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Experience in Vitigudino

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