We propose that you carry out the Wine and World Heritage itinerary through Eurovelo 1, a proposal that we offer the traveler to combine the fascinating World of Wine with a total of 6 Certified Wine Routes in the itinerary, with knowledge of the 8 Goods World Heritage and his passion for cycling.


Navarra, Rioja Alta, Cigales, Rueda, Toro and Ribera del Guadiana Wine Route.

From Navarra to Castilla y León

1st. Day


  • Arrival in Pamplona, welcome and check in at the hotel.
    (We manage transfers from any geographical location in Spain; airports, bus stations, trains, etc. Just as we have the means to transport bicycles).
  • Depending on the time of arrival at the hotel, there will be a guided tour of Pamplona in the morning or afternoon.
  • Tapas food with wine tasting from the area through the historic centre of Pamplona.
  • Guided tour of Pamplona.
  • Dinner at a typical grill in Pamplona.

2nd. Day

Pamplona - Estella/Lizarra (45,60 km)

  • Departure from Pamplona to Estella / Lizarra.
  • Accommodation at the Hospedería Chapitel.
  • Lunch comprised of Medieval tapas in the town of Estella.
  • Transfer to Metauten to visit the Museum of La Trufa.
  • Transfer to Arbárzuza and visit to the Urrizaga cheese factory.
  • Visit to the Truffle Museum (Metauten) and Quesería Urrizaga (Arbárzuza).
  • Visit and tasting of pacharán, the sloe liquor IGP Pacharán Navarro, Abárzuza.
  • Visit to the Iranzu Monastery, hidden in a remote area between mountains, a great Cistercian abbey built between the 12th and 14th centuries.
  • Visit to the monumental city born in the heat of the Camino de Santiago: Estella.
  • Dinner at the Astarriaga restaurant in Estella.

3rd. Day

Estella/Lizarra - Logroño (45,70 km)

  • Departure from Estella / Lizarra towards Logroño.
  • Arrival in Logroño, welcome and check in at the Calle Mayor hotel.
  • Tapas food with wine tasting from the area through the historic centre of Logroño.
  • Guided tour of Bodegas Franco Españolas.
  • Dinner comprised of gourmet tapas in an emblematic restaurant in the city.

4th. Day

Logroño – Briones (37 km)

  • Departure from Logroño to Briones (37km).
  • Stop and guided tour of Bodegas Corral.
  • Departure from Navarrete towards Briones.
  • Accommodation at the Hotel Los Calaos de Briones.
  • Guided visit of Briones.
  • Guided visit of the Vivanco Winery. Wine experience “Bodega + Museum and Tasting” in Briones.
  • Lunch at the Lumbre restaurant in Casalarreina.
  • Dinner at the hotel.

5th. Day

Briones - Haro (7,5km)
(Camino de Santiago con vino centenario)

  • Breakfast and departure from Briones to Haro.
  • Accommodation at the Hotel Los Agustinos in Haro.
  • Visit to the Muga winery in Haro.
  • Lunch at the Beethoven I Restaurant in Haro.
  • Dinner comprising of Tapas at Haro’s “Herradura”.

6th. Day

Haro - Santo Domingo de la Calzada (36 km)

  • Breakfast and departure from Haro to Santo Domingo de la Calzada.
  • Accommodation at the Parador de Santo Domingo de la Calzada.
  • Guided visit of Santo Domingo de la Calzada.
  • Lunch at the Los Caballeros Restaurant.
  • Transfer to Belorado and guided tour.
  • During the visit there will be a tasting of chocolates from the Convent of Santa Clara, nuns who were recently invited to “Madrid Fusion”.
  • Visit to the “Pure Mining Complex of Villafranca”.
  • Transfer to Santo Domingo de la Calzada, dinner and accommodation at the Parador.

7th. Day

Santo Domingo de la Calzada - Burgos. (79,80 km)

  • Breakfast and departure from Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Burgos.
  • Accommodation at the Almirante Bonifaz Hotel.
  • Food and wine route through the old town.
  • Safari in Burgos.
  • Aromas of Love and Wine. (A suggestive journey through the different phases of love seen through wine).
  • A dinner comprising of innovative tapas.

8th. Day

Burgos - Frómista (67 km)
Camino de Santiago, Canal de Castilla

  • Breakfast and departure from Burgos to Frómista.
  • Accommodation at the Doña Mayor Hotel.
  • Guided visit to the historic centre of Frómista.
  • Lunch at the Bodega Zarzavilla Restaurant.
  • Boat trip on the Canal de Castilla.
  • Dinner at the restaurant in the hotel garden with blind tasting of local wines.

9th. Day

Frómista – Dueñas (59 km)
Ruta del Vino Cigales

  • Breakfast and departure from Frómista to Dueñas.
  • Accommodation at the Camino Real Hotel.
  • Lunch at La Parrilla del Escudero Restaurant.
  • Guided visit of the old town of Dueñas.
  • Visit to the Hiriart Winery and wine tasting.
  • Walk through the vineyard of the Bodega and Vineyards Alfredo Santamaría, visit the winery and vertical tasting of Reds / Tasting menu.

10th. Day

Dueñas - Tordesillas (64 km)

  • Breakfast and departure from Dueñas to Tordesillas.
  • Accommodation at the Parador de Tordesillas.
  • Guided visit to the old town.
  • Visit to the Muelas Winery. Visit to an underground winery, located next to the historic Plaza Mayor with tasting of wines and typical products.
  • Lunch at the Bodega Alquiria restaurant.
  • Visit to the Copaboca Winery.
  • Dinner at La Lonja Restaurant.

11th. Day

Tordesillas - Toro (50 km)

  • Breakfast and departure from Tordesillas to Toro.
  • Accommodation at the María de Molina Hotel.
  • Guided visit to the old town, visiting the underground cellars.
  • Visit to the Wine Museum in Morales de Toro and lunch at La Panera Restaurant.
  • Visit to the Valbusenda winery with wine tasting and optional “Wine Therapy Treatment”.
  • Dinner at the restaurant of the Bodega Valbusenda.

12th. Day

Toro – Zamora (41 km)

  • Breakfast and departure from Toro to Zamora.
  • Accommodation at the Parador de Zamora.
  • Guided tour of the historic centre of Zamora.
  • Lunch at the Mariano Grill.
  • Dinner with Creative Tapas.
  • Farewell at the Parador de Zamora with sweet wine and pastries typical of the area.
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More information

Everything that is included in the program

  • Full board in the selected hotels.
  • Transportation of luggage from hotel to hotel.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Route book of the itinerary with tracks of the route.
  • Roadside assistance phone.
  • Official guides on visits.
  • Entrance fees to the mentioned monuments.
  • Accompanying guide for groups.
  • Gift for children under 12.
  • A bicycle will be raffled among our clients at the end of the year.

Optional: If you send us a photo of the Experiences, we will put them on the Blog and at the end of the month we will raffle a prize for the most beautiful photo.

Optional extras

  • Transfers.
  • Bike rental.

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