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 We present you the Salmantina region of Ciudad Rodrigo. This area is located in the southwest of the province of Salamanca.

Do you know how many subregions make it up? It is made up of four sub-regions: Los Campos de Agadones, Argañán, El Rebollar, Campo de Yeltes, where you can enjoy its culture, landscapes and gastronomy.

How is your gastronomy?

Its traditional cuisine is of excellent quality, having chickpeas, beans and potatoes as the basic pillar of its cuisine. The sausage and meat also stand out, but not only that, as a culmination to its tasty food you can add its typical desserts, such as perronillas.

Within its wonderful nature, it has the Águeda River, which makes it perfect for hiking activities and multiple activities related to water, which will allow you to disconnect from the busy urban life.

Enjoy Ciudad Rodrigo!

Adventure, relax and nature experience

This experience offers the opportunity to spend a few unique days in Ciudad Rodrigo, enjoying its nature through active tourism, spending a few days of adventure and also relaxing and disconnecting. All accompanied by the gastronomy and culture of the area, to make it a complete and unique experience.


1st Day

  • Travel to Aldea del Obispo, Salamanca and stop in Gallegos de Argañán to visit the Cristo de la Exaltación hermitage (architecturally interesting). Visit to the town of Aldea del Obispo, where we can learn about the heritage, such as the Church of San Sebastián (beautiful inside) and other elements and historical buildings arranged by the town. Visit to the interpretation room of the Real Fuerte de la Concepción, where we will go later.
  • Lunch at “El Escuadrón” restaurant and free time to rest. Tour and visit of the El Real Fuerte de la Concepción fortification (together with Ciudad Rodrigo, two of the points that form part of the Route of the Fortifications). We spend the night at the hotel to enjoy this historic place.
  • Dinner and accommodation at “The Fuerte de la Concepción” hotel, 1.5km from Aldea del Obispo.

2nd Day

  • Breakfast at Fuerte de la Concepción.
  • Displacement to Villar de la Yegua, 10.8 km from the Hotel Fuerte de la Concepción. We have two options for accommodation: Casa Rural Siega Verde or Casa Rural Miraconcha. Visit to places of interest in the town, such as the Ermita del Cristo de la Misericordia. Visit to the archaeological zone of Siega Verde (it can be nocturnal too).
  • Lunch at the picnic area of ​​Siega Verde. Free time.
  • In the afternoon, you can take hiking trails that begin and end in Villar de la Yegua, 9.5 km from Aldea del Obispo.
  • https://es.wikiloc.com/rutas/senijing/espana/castilla-y-leon/villar-de-la-yegua (23 routes of varied distances and with different routes are shown, all from Villar de la Yegua).
  • Dinner and free time. Dinner at” The Siega Verde” restaurant, located in Villar de la Yegua.

3rd Day

  • Breakfast and free time to enjoy the Rural House and the activities that can be carried out there (ping-pong, table football, tennis, swimming pool, etc.).
  • Lunch at “The Rural House”.
  • Travel to Ciudad Rodrigo and Kayaking Activity.
  • Dinner at Hotel la Bodega in Ciudad Rodrigo (23.3 km from the Rural House) and return to the house.

4th Day

  • Breakfast.
  • Displacement to Ciudad Rodrigo to carry out a climbing, climbing wall and zip line activity.
  • Lunch in Ciudad Rodrigo. And realization of the second activity: Paddle Surf Crossing.
  • Return to the Rural House and free time to rest. Last night in the Rural House.
  • Dinner at El Molinero, in Villar de Ciervo, 3.1 km from Villar de la Yegua.

5th Day

  • Breakfast.
  • Transfer to the Accommodation in Ciudad Rodrigo, where we will spend the night.
  • Guided visit in the morning to the walls and other places of interest, such as the Cathedral, the Castle-Alcazar of Enrique II (current Parador), the Roman Bridge or the Capilla de Cerralbo.
  • Lunch and free time to enjoy the city quietly, if you wish you can visit a museum (Urinal Museum, Vitorino Museum, Diocesan Museum and Cathedral).
  • Rest.
  • Dinner at “Asador La Muralla” restaurant, 2.8 km from the center of Ciudad Rodrigo.

6th Day

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Ciudad Rodrigo and arrival at Retortillo. Accommodation at Retortillo Spa Hotel. 2 nights stay. You will enjoy thermal circuits good for health and beauty treatments.
  • The Balneario is located 36.2 km from Ciudad Rodrigo.
  • Half board stay.
  • Dinner at “Vegallana” restaurant at 21.8 km.

7th Day

  • Stay at the Spa, and you can also enjoy the privileged area in which it is located, nestled in the river between holm oaks.
  • Half board stay.
  • Dinner at “Hotel-restaurant Casa de Juanjo” (La Fuente de San Esteban) 16.6 km from the Spa.

8th Day

  • Breakfast and end of stay at the Spa. Displacement to the Campanario de Azaba Biological Reserve. There we will stay (1 night) and spend 2 days, where we can discover the fauna and flora, with activities for all audiences.
  • Full board.
  • The Biological Reserve is 67.1 km from Retortillo Spa.

9th Day

  • Day in the Biological Reserve.
  • Travel to Robleda, where we will eat at Los Pinos restaurant.
  • End of our services and return to the origin of destination.

Everything that is included in the program

  • Full board.
  • Specified lunches and dinners.
  • The necessary material for active tourism activities.
  • Travel insurance.


  • Transport


  • 1st Day: Madrid – Aldea del Obispo: 326 km
  • 2nd Day: Fort of the Conception. Displacement to Villar de la Yegua: 10.8 km from the Hotel Fuerte de la Concepción
  • 3rd Day: Ciudad Rodrigo (23.3 km from the Rural House)
  • 4th Day: Villar de Ciervo: 3.1 km from Villar de la Yegua.
  • 5th Day: Restaurant Asador La Muralla: 2.8 km from the center of Ciudad Rodrigo.
  • 6th Day: El Retortillo Spa: 36.2 km from Ciudad Rodrigo
  • 7th Day: Hotel-restaurant Casa de Juanjo (La Fuente de San Esteban): 16.6 km from the Spa.
  • 8th Day: The Biological Reserve is located 67.1 km from the Retortillo Spa.
  • 9th Day: Espeja – Madrid: 315 km

How to get to Aldea del Obispo?

  • By private car is the fastest option: 3 hours 45 mins
  • By public bus from Madrid (Moncloa) via Salamanca: 5 hours 55 mins

Price from

923 per person
  • Minimum of 6 people

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Experience Ciudad Rodrigo

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